The Jesus And Mary Chain at Forum Theatre

William and Jim Reid led THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN to become pioneers of the post-punk notion in the eighties. Like mad scientists, the two shy lads from the outskirts of Glasgow would concoct formulas of noisy, effects-driven scores to accompany lyrics of angst and discontent and be influential for so many bands.

Catch 'em again at The Croxton Bandroom tomorrow night for a double dose of the best shoegazing noisey post-punk rock on the planet.

April Skies
Head On
Far Gone And Out
Some Candy Talking
Teenage Lust
The Living End
All Things Pass
Between Planets
Blues From A Gun
Halfway To Crazy
Taste Of Cindy
War On Peace
Just Like Honey
Cracking Up
In A Hole
I Hate Rock 'n' Roll

Photography by CarbieWarbie \U0001f413