Premium Listings

Promote your gig on our site. List your event for free or make it stand out with our premium event listing.

Regular Listing
Free and easy
Set up a profile to
start listing gigs.
Manage your artist profile.
Listing appears in the gig guide, search
and venue pages.
Some gigs are included in our
social medial posts.
Premium Listing
All of the regular stuff, plus...
High visibility – banner format spans the width on all formats, giving it at least three times as much 'real estate' as a regular listing.
Space for detailed information (up to 60 words or four lines of copy), plus social share and ticket buttons.
All gigs are included in social media posts – when first listed and then again closer to the event date.
Get recommended with similar bands to the audience that is right for you.
Reports – impressions/clicks.