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Our Team
Chief Propellerhead

Founder. Loves cutting code, hates sleeping. Also enjoys speaking in short sentences.

Favourite gig:  Neutral Milk Hotel at the Forum 2013.
Favourite local band:  Anything from Milk! records.
Wish I was there:  Dirty Three @ Meredith 2004.

Industry Insider

Johhny's got the scoop on what's going down in your town. When not gigging with his band Pretty City or splicing mice for the good of mankind, he spends time mingling with the industry types. Check out his interviews and other musings in our Music News section.

Favourite gig:  You Am I – Prince of Wales Cup eve show mid Naughties. They didn’t have an album out or anything, it was just a gig for funs sake. Audience of true believers who went bananas to every song. YAI fed off the energy and we fed off them. Perfect gig!
Favourite local band:  Rocket Science. Saw them at Big Day Out and they blew away crowd of teeny boppers who clearly had no idea what they were in for. They’re semi back after a break up. Hope to see more shows soon!
Wish I was there:  There was a Splendour in the Grass that had Black Rebel Club, Goldfrapp, Doves and about every other band I was going nuts for that year. Mates who went were raving about it. Hate them.

Data Wrangler

David operates in a sweet spot between music and technology. Recently declared war on all the data quality issues in the world. Hates duplicates with passion. Collects vinyl and enjoys seeing the obscure post-rock shows.

Favourite gig:  Pavement at Golden Plains 2010. Pouring rain, perfect amount of drunkness and a band that played a set that I was dreaming of for a long time.
Favourite local band:  Spiderbait. My first gig was to watch this band at the Central Club at an underage gig in the mid-nineties. Started getting my gig fix at this time.
Wish I was there:  Any Modest Mouse gig during the release of Lonesome Crowded West.

Resident ShutterBug
Carbie Warbie

Everyone knows Carbie. He's photographed more gigs than you had hot meals. Check out some of his fine selection in our Music News section.