Falls Festival

 Saturday 04 Jan, 2020
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John Farnham @ Falls Festival Lorne

John Farnham

Julia Jacklin's Surprise Gig Enraptures The Old Bar

Julia Jacklin put on a surprise gig before stopping touring for Christmas and delighted her supporters who managed to find themselves inside The Old Bar for the occasion.

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Lime Spiders @ The Croxton Bandroom

Lime Spiders

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Chicago The Musical @ Arts Centre

Chicago The Musical

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Lloyd Cole @ Hamer Hall

Lloyd Cole

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Heartbrokers @ The Spotted Mallard


Top Marks Gig Recommendations for December 2019

Holidays are coming up and festival season is about to kick off as well, so here are my picks for the month of December

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The Beasts @ Croxton Bandroom

The Beasts

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