We chat to Perth’s Methyl Ethel ahead of their sold out national tour

To say that 2016 has been a big one so far for Perth band Methyl Ethel would be a huge understatement. Having recently wrapped up their very first tour of the US and a slew of SXSW showcases, they are back on home soil and are embarking on a national tour. All shows, including three here in Melbourne, have completely sold out. We chatted to frontman Jake Web before the band headed out on the road.

Congratulations on wrapping up your recent US tour! Obviously every city and each music scene there has it’s own personality. What were the highlights?

Just getting around the country and seeing so much of its landscape was the highlight. As well as meeting people from all over the place.

You also recently played a bunch of showcases at South By South West. How did these compare to the BIGSOUND showcases you played last year?

SXSW is the mother of all showcases. It’s an experience in of itself. It’s technically exactly the same as BIGSOUND just a ridiculous amount bigger.

I’ve noticed some overseas blogs (including Pitchfork) have posted reviews about Oh Inhuman Spectacle as recently as this month. What's it like for overseas labels and blogs to pick up your album almost a year after it was first released?

It’s fine, the album is out there now for people to hate on or love as much as they want. Being that there is so much already said, it’s almost like journalists are fitting their reviews in around what’s already been written. You can’t complain about people continuing to be interested in it. 

You guys are signed to Remote Control Records who have been putting on some pretty sweet label showcases at Newmarket Studios of late. Have you played many shows like this in unconventional spaces? What was it like?

We’ve played a bunch of shows in strange places now. A church, a Co-op, an office. They’re always really good fun.

With the Perth music scene blooming across Australia and overseas, what's your take on things as locals?

There’s still great music being made in garages and bedrooms all over this town. Hopefully the world continues to seek it out.

I’m pretty chuffed to see that Melbourne leg is the longest of your upcoming Aussie tour. How do Melbourne shows compare to your home town gigs given you’ve clearly got such a huge fan base down here?

I suppose we’ll see. We love playing in Melbourne. If they want to see us play over three nights, hopefully everyone will have a good time.

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