Top Marks May Gig Guide 2021

The Slingers 29.5.21  - The Tote

The Slingers part indie rock part Americana, doesn’t really matter what you call it, They’ll get you moving and break your heart at the same time.  This show is selling fast, another batch of tickets have been released , so don’t fuck around and get onto it. 

Nat Vazer - Northcote Social Club 29.5.21 

Is this Offensive and Loud ? was one of 2020's best, it’s beautiful dreamy laidback pop, is the perfect swinging hammock soundtrack,  Nat will swoon you into a  perfect dream space,  this will be another one that will sell out, just get along, you know you want to. 

Cookie Baker/ Ollie English  POME ( Palace of Magnificent  Experience ) 27.5.21 

POME is the best new venue in Melbourne, it’s something Richmond desperately needs, It’s intimacy really adds a whole new level to the experience, Cookie is a vetran of the Melbourne scene, but she moved away awhile ago and only sometimes comes to visit, so this gig will be something special she will be supported by the talented Ollie English , you’ll come once to POME and probably never leave. 

The Delta Riggs - Hotel Westwood  29.5.21

Stalwarts The Delta Riggs are throwing down their loud guitars and stripping it right back for one night only at The best place in the west Hotel Westwood, The boys have been playing the traps for over ten years, so you always know what you’re going to get at one of their gigs, but to hear them in acoustic mode will be something special. 

Songs for Justin Townes Earle - The Brunswick Ballroom 30.5.21 

Last year was hard enough for us all for so many reasons, but on top of it all we lost Justin Townes Earle,  Justin loved our country and came here on numerous occasions for over a decade, this gig will be a celebration of Justin’s life with all the proceeds going to Justin’s family that he left behind, who isn’t playing would be a better way to describe this line up, just about every amazing Americana Melbourne act will be paying tribute to Justin and his life, MC Henry Wagons will no doubt tell stories of his friendship with Justin over the years, Lachlan Bryan, Les Thomas, Katie Bates are just a few on the stellar line up, the house band will be Ben Mastwyck backing band The Millions. 

Our scene needs the punters out there more than ever these days, even though the weather is getting colder, don’t let that deter you, get around the venues, get around the bands, rock n roll will always keep you warm.