Top Marks Gig Recommendations March 2020

Autumn is here, the colder weather is slowly creeping in,  don’t let that deter you though, there are heaps of great gigs coming up in March. 

Fletcher Gull  Retreat Hotel March 12 

Fletcher’s beautiful intricate pop songs, will break your heart into a million pieces and gaffa tape it back together by the end of the set. Get down to the Retreat to catch this mesmerising gem of a pop singer. 

Tracey Mcneil and the Good Life  - Record Paradise 

Tracey has just released the heartbreaking You be the Lightning, Tracey and her band The Good Life will be doing a string of shows around the country to promote the album, but first of all she'll be doing a free instore  show at Record Paradise, get down early for a lazy Friday knock off gig. 

Arthuar Baker, U-Bahn, Simona Castricum - The Colour Club 14th March

Legendary dance producer Arthuar Baker will be gracing our shores and playing at The Colour Club a new 24 hour club in Carlton, it used to a church, Arthuar will be supported by electro punks U-Bahn and off the back of her killer set at Golden Plains Simona will be kick starting the night. 

Sheer Mag - Estonian House 18th March 

I first saw Sheer Mag a few years ago at Meredith, they instantly made an impression on me, with their glam soul inspired garage rock, they are back in the country for the Brunswick Music Festival, they are playing at the music hub which is Estonian House. 

Check out the rest of the program for the festival, always heaps of acts to check out. 

Private Function - 21st March Yah Yahs 

Anarchic punkers Private Function will be destroying Yah Yahs at the 2 am slot, if you get along don’t expect to get any sleep for the remainder of the weekend, they are nightmare inducing, they will destroy your mind and your soul, don’t be scared, just embrace it. 

Fresh Violet - Cafe Gummo 27th March 

Fresh Violet cannot be contained, she sucks all the energy from the crowd and spits it back with her fire trigger beats, she has just released one of the best video clips of the year with Cherry, which sends up one of the most iconic teen films The Breakfast Club.  Fresh Violet will bring it and then some. 

As always get along to as many gigs as you can, it’s what Melbourne does best.