Top Marks - Gig Recommendations for January 2020

Top Marks- Gig Recommendations January 2020,

Mark Ireland

For the last couple of months there have been devastating fires destroying the Australian bushland, so to support the volunteer fire fighters there are going to be numerous gigs popping up to raise funds to help the CFA and other organizations. 


DRMNGNOW  is a first nations electronic/ hip hop artist who is  putting on a gig to raise money for first nation communities that have been affected by the bushfires. 

Dumb Punts Jan 10th The Tote Hotel, Collingwood 

Garage punkers Dumb Punts are throwing a show together to help the many charities assisting the fire fighters, along for the ride are Miniskirts and Rhysics, it all goes down at Melbourne’s church of rock The Tote. 

Rock against the fires - 24/25th January 

The Spotted Mallard 

Over two huge days at the Spotted Mallard there will be two massive gigs to assist the charities that are supporting the CFA and the people and families that have been affected by the fires.

On the Friday night there will be line up of Melbourne's finest rock and roll acts, the killer line up includes Dallas Crane, Batz, Rocket Science, Draught Dodgers, Baby 8, Powerline Sneakers, Electric Guitars, Seedy Jeezus, The Casanovas, James Seedy, Brian Eldorado and the Tuesday People, Earthbound Buzz, The Bambi Kills, A  Whale Called Phoenix, Skybelly, Oliver Northam and the Elsewhere. If that exhaustive list has got you salivating the Saturday night is just as big and just as good Mick Thomas, The Orbweavers, Angie Hart, Charles Jenkins, Pollyman, Opelousas, Sarah Carroll with Shannon Bourne,Hollie Joyce, Hamish Cowan ( Cordrazine ) Dominic Byrne ( The Little Red ) Skyscraper Stan, Dan Warner, Sime Nugent, Brooke Russell, Ruby Jones, The Dusty Millers, Lisa Miller with Shane O’Mara, Dirt hand, Les Thomas, The Pheasantry, Ten Gallon Head. 

Whenever there is a crisis in our country, it’s always the musicians, the artists, the comedians, the underdogs and the selfless volunteers are the first ones to put their hands up to see how they can help. 

It’s events like these that make our country world renowned for live music, it’s not just the quality of music we have in our city it's also how we work as a community, music and charity go hand in hand, brothers and sisters help out if you can, donate, volunteer and get out and see as much live music as you can. 

See you on the dancefloor