Top Marks Gig Recommendations February 2020

Top Marks - Gig Recommendations for February 

Freya Joesephine Hollick - The Evelyn 12th Feb 


The always engaging Freya Joesephine Hollick will be gracing the Evelyn stage, no matter how many  times anyone sees her, there is always something new to appreciate and explore in her music. 


Sand Pebbles - The Workers Club, 14th Feb - The almighty Sand Pebbles bring their psychedelic circus to the Workers Club on the 14th, The Pebbles don’t play that often, so when they do it's always such aspecial event, they will be supported by rockers Roller One. 


Glory Box, Blackbirds FC, Little Murders, Danny Mcdonald  - Tote Hotel, 16th Feb 


Yet again Popboomerang are putting on another stellar gig. This time around 90’s rockers Glory Box will be headlining, with punk pop stalwarts Little Murders, tailed off with country beauties Blackbirds FC, and beguiling singer Danny Mcdonald.


I always look forward to the Popboom gigs, they always have a loyal following of fans, so it's always a great family vibe. 

The Necks- Corner Hotel 17th Feb 


The Necks build atmosphere like no one else, one minute they can make you feel like you're walking through a rainforest, the next you could be in the middle of the ocean in the middle of the storm, they are so in sync with each other, their improvisation becomes second nature. They play yearly gigs at this time of the year, and that's about it, so get along no two shows are ever the same. 


The Murlochs - The Old Bar, 22nd February 


Get ready to have the inner corners of your mind probed when the Murlochs hit The Old Bar, supports come from Baked Beans and Hollie Joyce. 


Get Out and Get Around It. 


Mark Ireland