Top 5 gigs you need to see, with meadowhip

If soul can do one thing well, it's soundtrack your breakup. Nothing like gut wrenching and heart crushing lyrics delivered in a velvet wrapped brick to bring on all the feels. meadowhip's new single, Over, is one such punch in the guts. Oozing tears with every silky verse. Smooth and honest, it hits all the right places and opens a door into the heart of its creator, Cara Walkman.

No stranger to the stage, Cara has given us her top gigs you should see this week, and isn't it an eclectic selection! From Rock Royalty, alternative pop wonders and neo soul all make the cut. Check out her recomendations and then check out the new single, Over out TODAY on all platforms! New EP Rukus out November 29th ---> check it out here 


Top gigs this week with meadowhip

"It’s a pretty big gig week in Australia, with loads of major acts like Groove Armada, Flume, Hanson and Dua Lipa flitting around.  If you’re not sure what to hit up, here are my top picks for the east coast:


Moonchild - Oxford Art Factory, Sydney - November 17 and 19

I will definitely get to one of these if I can.  I love, love, love Moonchild.  This is the music I make in my dreams.  It is perfection, and I know that OAF will be the perfect venue for it.

Surprise Chef - Theatre Royal, Castlemaine - November 18

I’m waiting for these guys to come back to Wollongong or Sydney.  I haven’t seen them live and I am desperate to!

Suzi Quatro - Enmore Theatre, Sydney - November 18

I’d have to assume that creaming along to Devil Gate Drive in a crowd would have to be some type of cathartic experience.

Dead Witch - Waywards Newton, Sydney - November 18

I can’t be the only one who’s had Starfucker in their head since they first heard it.  This is their EP launch show and I hope I can be there to throw myself around.

Mallrat - JCU Unibar, Townsville - November 19

A pop deity.  The album is so good, and I’m just waiting for my chance to see it live.