The Rollercanes dirty up the Ding Dong dance floor with Just Another No One single launch.

The Rollercanes are a rough, dirty, dance floor indie rock act, who have been smashing out sweaty gigs all accross Melbourne. Reminicient of post punkers Bloc Party's earlier work, smashed with the Horrors' early work, they are fun night out. Often throwing in a cover of TV on the Radios, Wolf Like Me, it’s no wonder indie club luminaries, Black Night Crash have invited them to play their one year anniversary at Ding Dong Lounge. The band are currently on tour and this show will be their Melbourne launch of new single, Just Another No One.

So before they get your new white sneakers wrecked on Saturday the 31st July, have a read about what bands influenced front man Daniel and what bands he thinks are killing it on the scene now.

Tell us three top bands that have influenced your sound and why.

The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys and The Cribs.

Each of these bands really just blew my mind the first time I heard them. If it weren’t for The Strokes, we wouldn’t be a band right now. They really inspired me to write better songs and keep everything in the music as interesting as I could without overcomplicating it. Arctic Monkeys and The Cribs have influenced the upbeat rocky vibes in our sound. We just want to write songs that people can dance, jump around and shout along to; just like these bands do.

Who are your three favourite live bands right now from Melbourne?

There are so many great bands in Melbourne and Australia at the moment, so choosing only three is pretty tough, but:

Destrends – They’re just a super tight band with great stage presence, an awesome front man and killer songs. So, pretty much everything you’re ever going to need in a band… It’s impossible to not enjoy their shows. Plus, they’re great dudes!

APES – I don’t know if they’re technically from Melbourne, but I can’t get over this band. They’re my favourite Australian band right now. Anyone that has seen them will tell you how good they are live. They write cool tunes and are just so tight. If you’ve ever been to an APES show in Melbourne and heard someone yell out 'TUUUUUNE!!!!' after every song, there’s a 90% chance it was me.

Northeast Party House – These guys have got big things on the way. Their album Any Given Weekend, is awesome. We listened to it three times back to back on the way to playing Farmfest this year, and we didn’t get sick of it… That’s how good it is. The best thing about them though, is how they back it up live. It’s such an infectious sound that you can’t help but lose your shit.

Tell us three top gigs you would recommend people go see this month.

Catfish and The Bottlemen at The Corner on the 22nd (I’m pretty sure it’s sold out, but if not –GO!)

Palma Violets at The Ding Dong Lounge on the 26th

Tired Lion at Shebeen Bandroom on the 25th (Supported by Darts and Pretty City)

What band would you raid the wardrobes of?

I’m not really in the business of raiding wardrobes, but I once raided Robbie from Reika’s wardrobe for some jeans after plans for quiet drinks turned into a night out. The jeans didn’t fit, even after the legs were rolled up and tucked into some big Air Max’s that I also borrowed. Thankfully, we didn’t end up heading out that night. That night is probably the reason I don’t do any wardrobe raids. I didn’t really answer that question properly, sorry.

Tell us about your upcoming show.

We’re launching our new single Just Another No One at The Ding Dong Lounge on the 31st of July, which is also Black Night Crash’s 1st birthday at Ding Dong, so it’s going to be a huge party. Black Night Crash have always supported us, so we’re incredibly pumped to be sharing this night with them. We’re going to be playing alongside our mates Flocks and new mates Zombitches. It should wind up being a pretty loose night.

Come down and tear up the dance floor!