The Punters Club Reunion Show

There once was a pub in Fitzroy
Its hospitality we definitely all enjoy
The lease wasn't renewed
We all fucken spewed
And the music scene
Forever was destroyed!

Poetry by Bodyjar's Tom Read

Getting the bands back together! Join us for a trip down memory lane – aka 1990s Brunswick Street – as we pay homage to the musos who helped shape the Melbourne music scene. These are the artists who cut their teeth at the Punters Club, over cheap beers and a really sticky carpet. These are the artists you would have seen on any given evening (or Sunday arvo) on a stroll through Fitzroy. Hang out, have a beer and catch up with old friends (or long-lost loves) as your favourite 90's era bands hit the stage for a song or two, doing what they do best.

3:00pm Dan & Al, Sarah Carroll, Charlie Marshall & The Body Electric, Machine Translations
4.00pm – Joel Silbersher, Penny Ikinger, Kim Salmon
4.30pm – The Spoils, Jane McCracken, Eva Sommerfeld, Circushead
5.00pm – Nude Rain, Dead Salesmen
5.30pm – Ergot Derivative, The Fat Thing, The Breadmakers
6.00pm – Chris Ferguson, Laura MacFarlane, Matt Walker & Ashley Davies
6.30pm – Ripe, Holocene, Edwina Preston & Atom
7.00pm – Mia & Guy, Rob Snarski, Hamish Cowan
7.30pm – Underground Lovers, High Pass Filter
8.00pm – Andrew Rice & Paul Brockhoff (The Guttersnipes), Sherry Rich, Angie Hart
8.30pm – Klinger, Even, Cheeky Geezers, Bodyjar

NB: Some didn't play (ohh well, I never saw them such as Machine Translations, Hamish Cowan, Dan was missing from Dan & Al) and others like Rob Snarski, by the time I got from one stage to the other, he had finished his one song.

Photography by CarbieWarbie \U0001f413