The Gooch Palms rip up The Curtin!

Hoochie GOOCHIE Fiorucci's those lovable duo, The Gooch Palms. I totally fell in love with this unique pair of misfits at Boogie Festival, seven years ago in 2012. Since then, they have released three albums, three EP's and a "Shitty" Ramones Tribute. Well, that is using their words and not mine.

They have toured the world, lived in America and my videos of the Goochies have had in excess 215,000 views. They remain the most popular band by far on my Vimeo Music Channel. They are much more popular than Cosmic Psychos, You Am I, Magic Dirt, Spencer P Jones, Paul Kelly, Dan Sultan, Beasts Of Bourbon, The Meanies and so on....combined.

It was great hearing some new song by the Goochies from their latest album, III. I especially loved "Are We Wasted?", "Burnout" and Kat Friend's cheerful singing on the feel good hit from summer, "Summertime".

Leroy Macqueen is still a loose cannon and so much fun to watch his antics. At one stage he just grabs a punter, pops him on stage and plonks his guitar on him. Then he get's him to thrash his guitar, while he sticks a trucker's hat on him. All of a sudden I am snapping photographs of some random dude who was standing next to me three seconds ago and he starts giving me classic rockstar poses.

The crowd is going APESHIT during "We Get By". One female fan is taking 10 minutes to get one selfie with the band behind her. Maybe she is one of those Instagram influencers I've been hearing about it in the news. Expect the unexpected, when you go and see The Gooch Palms.

An exciting young band from Newcastle called Surf Trash provided support for the night. Represent Newy!


Photography by CarbieWarbie \U0001f413