The ethereal sounds of Deer Prudence

Deer Prudence are a singer songwriter duo that weave ethereal harmonies and gentle melodies to create captivating songs worhty of your attention.

We got to chat to Georgia Delves ahead of their self titled EP launch at The Spotted Mallard, Saturday 25th February.

We talked influences and bands they're loving right now and all about their beautiful single, Judgement Call.




You’ve been compared to Eva Cassidy and Joni Mitchell. Were they influences of yours? 

Yeah, they’re both such prolific and amazing singer-songwriters and performers we definitely source inspiration from the pair. The way Joni effortlessly shapes a soaring melody over a complex chord progression or says something in a way you just wish you could’ve thought of yourself, it is definitely something a songwriter would want to aspire to. A source of inspiration for sure, being compared to them is very flattering.


What other acts have shaped what you do? Did the new single, Judgement Call, have a particular influence?

Being a duo, we both have separate influences that have shaped us individually and culminated in the sound that we produce today; ranging from the likes of folk icon Neil Young, to contemporaries, First Aid Kit, to the country singer-song writing influences of Dolly Parton and Emmylou Harris.

In writing our second single, Judgement Call I don’t think there was a conscious guidance or mould to follow, more just over time listening and following such artists has subconsciously dictated some writing choices.


What’s your live set up like? I can only hear a few instruments on Judgment Call. Is the live band likewise compact?

Our live set-up usually comprises of just the two of us; violin, guitar and two vocal parts. However, for our upcoming live shows we have a bit more of a band set-up, of which we’ve never had before; so quite excited for that! This will feature some great players on keys, double bass and electric guitar alongside our duo format.


Do you like the recording or performing of music? Tell us what you like about both.

Hmm…they’re both great. The process of recording a song allows you to try lots of things- adding instruments, taking things out and finalising how you think the song should sound coming out of someone’s car stereo; almost workshopping it on a whole new level, or making it completely different to how it is performed live. As a duo we aimed to make our recordings a close representation of our live performance. Performing music to an audience is special in its own way too though, as people are taking the time to sit and listen to everything that you are saying and are trying to find some sort of common ground in your songs. It’s quite intimate.


The Spotted Mallard in Melbourne is particularly rustic yet regal ballroom. Have you been/played there before?

Yeah, we’ve played there once or twice before supporting another band, but never as a headliner. We decided to host our upcoming EP launch show there, as it’s such a beautiful room, always has great sound and the furnishings are just perfect for us.


Who are some local bands that you are getting excited about?

We think within the Melbourne folk scene, The Mae Trio are pretty wonderful. Very excited to hear their new album that’s being released in the next couple of months. Plus some great singer-song writers; Rowena Wise and Anna Cordell have something really special. Playing with any of the above would be amazing, they make some beautiful music!


Catch Deer Prudence Saturday 25th Feb at The Spotted Mallards and follow the duos shows on their profile here.