The Burnt Sausages take their Aussie culinary skills to the next level with album launch residency.

There are some bands that you can go watch because you love the music, some because you love their live show and others just to see what will happen. I have a feeling The Burnt Sausages fall into the last category. The label joke band is harsh as I feel it diminishes the extent of the creative energy and effort that is involved with such a set up. TISM broke up immediately and thus each show was a reunion/comeback show. The Stiffys have been pedalling dick jokes for years and The Beards have…well…beards! There’s nothing these bands and others like them won't do in order to progress their ever expanding creative masterpiece. New on the scene The Burnt Sausages have come prepacked and on special from Safeway in a handy party pack.

I have no idea what their music will be like, but I’m keen to see them play anyway. Promising door prizes and 'sauce tasting', I’m sure it’ll be worth the price of admission. Taking over the whole month of Tuesdays at The Workers Club, it’s bound to put an interesting spin on your midweek gig going experience.

Who’s in the band?

The Burnt Sausages comprise of Johnny Charcoal, Tina Tongs & SNAGZ

Tell us three bands that have influenced your sound and why?

The Gleaming Forks for their Polished Performances. The Crispy Biscuits for their hairstyles. And even though we hate the Bruised Bananas we have to admit they write catchy songs.

Who are your three favourite live bands right now from Melbourne and why?

Waterfall Person – a liquidy talent factory with lights in her shoes. All The Weathers from Hobart – three geniuses combined to form a mega genius. The Steaming Jeans – they set off fireworks in the middle of their performance. Literally.

Tell us three shows you would recommend people go see this month.

July 25 – Ballroom Hootenanny #4 at The High Street Ballroom, Thornbury. Aug 7 – Swimsuit Dynamite and Empat Lima – Swimsuit Party at Open Studio, Northcote. Aug – 9 Yummy at Toff in Town. All should be colourful corkers!

If you could raid the wardrobes of three bands who would they be and why?

Destiny’s Child have a similar fashion sense to us: choose a theme, embellish it and make variations within three cute outfits. We would like to raid the wardrobe of the Bruised Bananas so they have to go onstage naked.

Tell us about your upcoming show.

We’re doing an album launch August residency bonanza at the Workers Club in Fitzroy!!  Chewsday nights – August  4, 11, 18 and 25! No expenses will be spared! There will be prizes, giveaways, sauce tasting, smoke machines and tongtabulous special guests!! Be there or be a charcoal briquette!

Shanks for having us for this interspecies interview!