The best gig I ever saw - With Plane Sailors

Brisbane band, Plane Sailors are like the love child of Kisschasey, Wombats and Ball Park Music. Pop, with a little punk and a lot of cheeky attitude. Which makes them quite endearing and breath of fresh air in these COVID times. ‘Bell Curve’ is their new single and will keep the doldrums away with it’s energetic bop around your eardrums.

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Singer from the band Curtis Hooper tells us about the best gig he ever saw, and by golly it’s a good one. One we can surely say must have inspired his upper lip caterpillar.

Read about it below and catch them play their single launch Thursday, 16th December at Black Bear Lodge Brisbane.

“The year is 2012, and the world is as bare of covid as my face is of hair. I somehow convinced my dad to drive me and my mate 3 hours to catch one day of Caloundra Music Festival just to see my heroes - The Beards. I had been spinning their latest album, 'Beards Beards Beards', on repeat since I got it for Christmas the year before and they had recently had some success with their new single; there was no way my expectations could be higher. 

As the sun set, I was engulfed in the hairiest crowd I had ever seen or smelt. Beards, mustaches, women with their hair tied around their face pretending they also had a beard, a sight to behold for a fifteen year old first time festival goer. As the four marvelous beards and the men who carried them hit the stage the cowbell came blasting out from behind the kit. These fellas were in the mood for beards, and they were about to let everyone know. For thirty minutes I was completely encapsulated by the performance, the music, and the absurdity of the whole event. 

It was a display of top tier musicianship, comedy and comradery from the strangers who now felt like family. I left that show with the biggest grin my face could hold, and a new take on music and performance. 

Never has a band reached out and connected with an audience like I have seen The Beards do, if we can get anywhere near their level of expertise as a band - we will have done all we can. – Curtis Hooper”


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