Sydney synth pop duo, Vast Hill tell us their top gigs you shouldn't miss

Sydney duo, VAST HILL's glamorous single, Heartbreaker, is like diving into a pastel coloured cloud of synth pop. Like a cross between Human League and Confidence Man, it's like every 80s movie soundtrack together! Mixed by Luke Million (I Know Leopard, Stranger Things ST) and co-produced by Michael Chow (FROYO, Phoebe Starr) it's got the synth pop credentials backing up the killer hooks.
Heartbreaker comes in like a dream, gently pats your hair then breaks your heart into a million pieces. Play it softly with nothing but mirrorball filtered light in a half empty highschool gym, while slow dancing by yourself. If that doesn't soundtrack every breakup of your life, then have you even lived?
Elle and Adin have taken the time to give us their top gig picks and my word they are great. There goes my rent. May as well buy that cheap bottle of sparkling to drink on the way.
Check out their Wes Anderson meets John Hughes meets western vid clip below.


I Know Leopard - Oxford Art Factory 31st May
Because they are the best songwriters around in our generation, awesome performers and are a good looking bunch to boot.
Touch Sensitive - Metro Theatre 24th April
Plays bass like a monster and his live show is super inspiring, as well as funky.
Vacations - TBA
Awesome 60s california surfer vibes and inspirations to their songs. Such a great live sound  

Georgia June - Bad Friday 10th Anniversary 19th April
Honestly, Georgia June and the boys are Australia's response to Blondie. So much energy in their live shows, can’t help but smile and get into it.

Froyo - TBA
Can’t wait to catch these guys for their EP launch coming soon. The soundscapes and synth sounds live cannot be missed...Perfect for fans of Electric Youth and the Breakfast club.
Vast Hill go on their own little tour this April!
See them at the shows below. Shoulder pads not mandatory, but c'mon?
VAST HILL ‘Heartbreaker launch shows’

Friday April 12th The Lansdowne Sydney

Supporting Florian

Sunday April 21st Yours and Owls party - North Wollongong Hotel Wollongong

Free entry

Saturday April 27th Vast Hill and Janey single launches - Sly Fox Sydney