Stereolab @ Melbourne Zoo

It's has been a long time waiting to finally getting a chance to see Stereolab live on stage. The last time they were here they played no headline show, as they were a part of the 2009 St Jerome's Laneway Festival and Golden Plains lineup. 

It was heavenly bliss watching these fine musicians pump out their eclectic extended beats on their classic songs, such as Ping Pong, Lo Boob Oscillator and French Disko.

Lætitia Sadier was in fine form singing and the crowd adored the show. In fact most Zoo shows that I have photographed in the past, everybody just sits down on the grass and watches the show. Tonight, everybody stood up for the whole mermerising performance by Stereolab.

I joked with some fans up front, that the last time I saw everybody standing up for a show here at The Zoo, it was Eddy Current Suppression Ring back in 2009. That night the crowd went totally nuts, so I said to a couple of fans that I was expecting a circle pit happening tonight. I didn't get the circle pit or any moshing tonight but I was in total awe watching some exquisitely fine musicians, who have honed their craft.

Stereolab's set list:
01 Come And Play In The Milky Night
02 Brakhage
03 French Disko
04 Fluorescences
05 Miss Modular
06 Metronomic Underground
07 The Extension Trip
08 Infinity Girl
09 Need To Be
10 Ping Pong
11 Percolator
12 John Cage Bubblegum
13 Lo Boob Oscillator
14 Rainbo Conversation
15 Blue Milk
16 Contronatura

Support on the night come from the popular four-piece from Melbourne, Mildlife.

Photography by CarbieWarbie \U0001f413