Sleaford Mods & Cable Ties @ Croxton Bandroom

I got ready for this Sleaford Mods gig while blasting their latest album Eton Alive and shouting "FOOKIN' HELL" very loudly at my image in the mirror. 

I have been waiting to this duo for years now to tour Australia. The first time I saw them, I stumbled across a BBC Glastonbury performance in 2015 and I was totally knocked out.

Highlights of this night were Discourse, Jobseeker, B.H.S. Stick In Five And Go, Kebab Spider and at the end of their set, where suddenly vocalist Jason Williamson rushed off stage and high fives the front row of the audience.

Andrew Fearn has the best job in the music business. Presses play on his laptop, he nods his head to the music and sinks six cans of beer. His final job is taking an iPhone photograph of the crowd at the end of the set. I want his job. 

Support tonight was by indie darlings, Cable Ties. It was great to hear some new exciting song from their forthcoming album. Next Wednesday it happens again for round two but with RVG supporting.

Photography by CarbieWarbie \U0001f413