Secret TISM gig, rocks the Croc

So TISM played a secret warm up show at the Croxton Bandroom last night. Although how much of secret could it be when 900 people turned up? They need to get ready for their three perfomance coming up at GOOD THINGS music festival. They were billed as OPEN MIC TRYOUTS on the set list. They have a history of silly names when playing secret shows. I attended one back in the day when they were billed as The Frank Vitkovic Jazz Quartet. They haven't played for nineteen years but they're certainly match fit and the first message they displayed was....FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK! We certainly did with everybody singing along with such vigour.

Photography by CarbieWarbie \U0001f413


Intro (Herb Has Died, Herb Has Risen, Herb Will Come Again)
i.e. to the tune to Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass - Spanish Flea
The Art/Income Dialectic
I Drive A Truck
I'll 'ave Ya
Thunderbirds Are Coming Out
Lillee Caught Dilley Bowled Milli Vanilli
What Nationality Is Les Murray?
I'm Interested In Apathy
Diatribe (Tradies Get The Ladies)
Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me
The History Of Western Civilisation
Greg! The Stop Sign!!
Saturday Night Palsy
Martin Scorsese Is Really Quite A Jovial Fellow
Death, Death, Death
The Mystery Of The Artist Explained
(He'll Never Be An) Ol' Man River
Defecate On My Face

As a warm up before the secret TISM gig, Rebecca Barnard and Shane O'Mara of Rebecca's Empire fame performed a TISM cover that originally was the b-side of the band's 1991 seven inch single for "Let's Form A Company". It's "The Judeo-Christian Ethic", affectionately known to TISM fans as "The Chumpy Song". Sung in a heartwarming acoustic style by the always lovely Rebecca.