Riot Grrrl Rampage At The Forum With Bikini Kill

The amazing thing about last night at the Forum Theatre, was after 25 long years, Bikini Kill didn't let up for the duration of their energetic ninety minute set. They were lacking none of the passion and ferocity of their classic 90's recordings. PLUS with their drummer Tobi Vail being ill, local legend THE HAMMER aka Lauren Hammel from Tropical Fuck Storm and High Tension stepped up and provided the engine room on drums, after learning their set in only four hours. AN AMAZING FEAT!

Appropriately, Bikini Kill perform this concert at the Forum Theatre on the eve of International Women's Day. When Kathleen Hanna said “girls to the front” it rippled through the music scene like an earthquake fracturing all that toxic male entitlement. The aftershock is still being felt however the ladies of this generation simply don’t give a fuck about the precious boys club.

“Politics and magic are not separate. In the end, I don’t think it’s like, we will win but I think we will stay connected” stated Kathleen Hanna, during the show that was interspersed with enlightening and inspirational thoughts from the lead singer of Bikini Kill.

How bloody great were Parsnip last night supporting Bikini Kill. I got to hang backstage with them at last year's Reclink Australia Community Cup, so it was so gratifying to see them having so much FUN last night on that BIG stage and meeting up with some starstruck young girls after the show, who were new FANS of this lovely up and coming band. Seeing that gave me such a warm fuzzy feeling. 

Photography by CarbieWarbie \U0001f413