Regurgitator have a blast at the Prince Bandroom

Regurgitator are back in town after a little COVID hiccup. They were suppose to play with their arch-enemies TISM but the best laid plans fell through with their drummer, Pete Kostic catching the dreaded spicy cough. The two bands performed together at the legendary CAVEAT EMPTOUR way back in 1998. I have such fond memories that tour.

COVID reared it ugly head again as support band Worker & Parasite had to also cancel their appearance. The triumphant trio, Moler stepped up at short notice and deliver a memorable set of power pop. It is always lovely to see the always lovely HELLCAT, behind the drumkit, Mr David Peacock and local axe legend, James McCann playing some tasty riffs on lead guitar.

Photography by CarbieWarbie \U0001f413