Primus & The Dean Ween Group - Palais Theatre

Well what can you say about Primus? Everybody waxs lyrically bass playing prowess of Les Claypool and so they should. Primus most famous song is arguably the theme song from South Park but I didn't expect them to play that live tonight. A quick google did confirm that indeed they did perform it live five times at gigs. They did play the songs that I wanted to hear including Wynona's Big Brown Beaver, My Name Is Mud and Jerry Was A Race Car Driver.

After the expected vigourous encore chant of "Primus sucks!", the band returned on stage with Dean Ween for a brilliant verision of Southbound Pachyderm.

Anybody who really knows me, knows how much of a massive Ween fan I am. So seeing The Dean Ween Group opening up the night's proceedings was brilliant. Deaner does pull some weird faces, when playing his vintage guitar. Les Claypool joined the band for the final two Ween covers of The Mollusk and The Rift.

Between sets, I had a long chat with Ween drummer Claude Coleman Jr. afterwards. Bittersweet news to hear that Ween will never tour again here in Australia (I suggested they approach the music festivals because they have a large Aussie fan base). When the time is right and even though there is no immediate plan, they hopefully will be recording again. Fingers crossed because Ween rule.

Photography by CarbieWarbie \U0001f413