Megahertz & Rockdogs Training For 2017 Reclink Community Cup

This is the second combined football training for the Megahertz and the Rockdogs, as they prepare for the Reclink Community Cup. On hand were Reclink Australia's founder, Peter Cullen, former AFL Fremantle Coach, Chris Connolly and former Magpie star, Gavin Crosisca.

As a new innovation this year, it was the first time the football players were sported some new high tech. Wearing PLAYERTEK by Catapult GPS devices, the teams could accurately see heartrates, players speeds, distance travelled on the field and more.

Reclink Community Cup National Dates 2017
Melbourne - Victoria Park - Sunday, 25th June
Adelaide - Norwood Oval - Sunday, 16th July
Brisbane - Leyshon Park - Sunday, 30th July
Sydney - Henson Park - Sunday, 6th August
Hobart - Queenborough Oval - Sunday, 20th August
Perth - Fremantle Oval - Sunday, 3rd September

Photography by Carbie Warbie.