John Farnham @ Falls Festival Lorne

9,000 punters rocked up of the first day to see John Farnham perform at the Grand Theatre at the Falls Festival in Lorne. It was the biggest turnout I have seen on the first day, since the festival lineup has been expanded to four days.

The icon of Australian music might be the oldest person to grace the stage at Falls but he proved he has still got what it takes, as he performed all of his major hits from Age Of Reason, Touch Of Paradise, Pressure Down, You're The Voice and even Sadie The Cleaning The Lady.

Unfortunately, it was all over way to soon, as the music festival got cancelled due to the forecast of extreme weather conditions and the fire risk that could happen. Festival, organiser Jessica Ducrou said the festival would remain in Lorne and return by 2020.

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Photography by CarbieWarbie \U0001f413