I Spit On Your Gravy shock Castlemaine

Well they haven't played for seven odd years, so I had to be there to witness one of St Kilda's most controversial bands, I Spit On Your Gravy. It was all a part of Fred Negro's FRED CARPET tour for the documentary PUB The Movie. The film was on shown at the superb little jewel in Castlemaine, the Royal Theatre.

After the documentary showing, the film director Andrew Leavold with “the unofficial mayor of St Kilda” Fred Negro and Paul Elliott aka Dr Gonzo gave the following hilarious Q&A session. In the crowd, there was Ross Knight of Cosmic Psychos fame.

Then there was a little break to get crowd lubricated before I Spit On Your Gravy hit the stage. Playing some of my favourite songs like Pirahna, Fishtank and Harrassment, it was a joy to watch Fred Negro's crazy antics. No chickens but he did root a Fruit Loop box. Enjoy the following videos of the Gravies in action, in the sleepy town of Castlemaine.

Photography by CarbieWarbie \U0001f413