Hot Gigs and Hot Tips - Feb 8 - 2017

Palm Springs

WEDNESDAY – Palm Springs (pictured) will be rocking The Tote front bar with Sweet Whirl and Dag. They have a residency this month so if you miss them tonight you still have a couple more chances to see these wonders live… Do it!


THURSDAY – Festival of the Photocopier (super fun zine/zine culture festival) launches at the Tote with a bunch of bands I am yet to have the pleasure of witnessing… Pearl Bay + Qwerty + The Night Before Tomorrow + Piss Factory + Heat Wave will all be playing. A range of sounds to be heard should make for one crazy night of discovery. You can also catch the Alberts Basement Showcase 2/2 with local bands Caroline No + Lower Plenty to name a few of the excellent alternative pop acts playing upstairs. Like, it will be a seriously good Thursday at the Tote whatever you go to. How about we all just live at the Tote this week… Yeah I’m cool with that.


FRIDAY – I’ll be tearing myself away from the Tote (although it will be really, really hard because Camp Cope and RVIVR are playing there) to go check out Foreign/National (pictured) loose their indie pop tunes on Northcote Social Club with Darts (rock indie scallywags) + Poppongene (have needed to see these dreamers for ages! Tonight will be the night!).


ALSO – if you want to get the weekend started early go check out Exotic Snake + Oil weave their sonic magic at Polyester Records… 6pm be there or be square.


SATURDAY – Buried Feather (pictured) + The Galaxy Folk + Baptism of Uzi + Pony Face will be unleashing various forms of psychedelic fuzz onto the weekend masses at Howler… can’t bloody wait!


SUNDAY – Ali Barter is doing a nice little show at the NGV in the afternoon… it’s free to see this talented grunge pop badass lady so no excuses now.


MONDAY – Day of rest.


TUESDAY – Valentines Day… Ewww… you can escape (or maybe embrace) by heading to the good old Howler to partake in TOM TOM’s ‘Fuck Valentines Day’ event featuring Huntly (pictured) (beautiful electronic grooves) + Racerage (politi-cute queer post-internet rapper) + Liz Mitchell (Totally Mild) + SPIT (I don’t know much about these guys… soz). Looks like an all round interesting lineup that one… also it’s free… winner!!