Hot Gigs and Hot Tips - 30 November

Photo: Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever by Jamieson Moore

Here is the weekly roundup!!

WEDNESDAY - Mansionair + PLGRMS at the Corner will be my pick. Both bands will be offering up some lush indie electronic tunes. Let's ease into this week shall we.

THURSDAY - Blue Moon #7 feat. Great Places + Rhysics + Plebs + Weatherboards at the Evelyn. A whole collection of interesting looking bands here. I haven't seen any of them so this one is a wild card for me. A bit rock, a bit different, a bit of art... try something new I say! Also it's the last one for the year!

FRIDAY - LOSSLESS (new project from Oscar Key Sung and HTML Flowers) absolutely killed it at Paradise on Saturday. Like I mean I never wanted them to leave the stage. They will be playing Boney with Habits and Jale. This will be a bloody fun time. I can't even describe what these maestros are like. Electronic grooves, warped beats, lush vocals, vicious rap and dance moves that will not let you tear your eyes away. Excellent.

ALSO - Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever (pictured, photo by Jamieson Moore) with Suss Cunts + Tim Richmond Group + Doona Waves at The Curtin is sure to go off! RBCF's last gig at the Tote was totally insane. Check these guys out if you like guitars and a good time!

ALSO - White Fence (USA) + Mild High Club + Boulevards (USA) + Dinner (USA) at The Croxton. After killing at Gizzfest last weekend I reckon they would be worth checking out again if you like your rock of the garage and psychedelic variety.


SATURDAY - Bedroom Suck Records have their CHRISTMAS GIG at the Curtin. Taking over the whole venue bands will be playing upstairs, tunes will be spinning downstairs... this will be one crazy fun night featuring some tried and true faves like: Terrible Truths + Jarrow + Evelyn Morris + Senegambian Jazz Band to name a few. Something for everyone I'm thinking. Yes we all know The Curtin should be my second home... can't help it I love that place.

ALSO - Bad//Dreems with Grenadiers + James Moloney & The Mad Dog Harrisons will be bringing the Aussie rock good times to Howler. Love Bad//Dreems just bloody love them.

SUNDAY - Chill in the afternoon with some nostalgic pop tunes from Foreign National and Brightness at Old Bar while drinking beer... Good plan Stan.

MONDAY - Monday Night Mass at Northcote Social Club featuring Quivers + Red Spencer + Summer Flake + Heart Beach is looking pretty darn good! It is also FREE which is a bonus after the weekend. Summer Flake will bring their hypnotic fuzzy alt-rock guitar sounds to help you ease into the week. I love this band! I haven't had a chance to catch the others but looking forward to hearing something new.

TUESDAY - Japandroids (USA) with rock your socks off at the Tote and that is how we start the week! 'Nuff said.


Sleep forever now.