Hot Gigs and Hot Tips - 17 November

Alrighty first thing's first... Melbourne Music Week is still on!!! Musical gems for all!!! We’ve got the rock of Animal Hands, Live music Safari, Dope Lemon, Stargazed, Palm Springs, High Tension, Bree Tranter, and Keggin!


WEDNESDAY - Animal Hands continue their residency at Cherry Bar bringing a little rock and roll to the middle of your week with The Vendettas and Master Beta. I have been meaning to catch Animal Hands for a while now... will... make it... one day!


THURSDAY - LIVE MUSIC SAFARI... this means there are free gigs happening EVERYWHERE MAN!!! Check out MMW website for details but here are some peeps that jumped out at me: Pearls (freaking sweet band) @ The Toff, Jess Ribeiro (amazing) and Jim Lawrie (excellent) @ The Curtin, Taipan Tiger Girls (thrilling) @ The Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar... discover new venues! Discover new bands! Don't spend a dime! Do it!

ALSO - The Coda Chroma gig at The Workers Club looks like an indie pop good time. I am keen to check this duo out! They will be joined by the Felicity Cripps Band and Eliza Hull... all new names to check out for me!


FRIDAY - I'll be heading to Dope Lemon (Angus Stone's new band) at 170 Russell to bask in some slacker rock chill vibes. Jake River will be joining him... I can't even... So pumped to see her! She is going to smash it!

ALSO - Ding Dong has a musical/project-ical extravaganza happening Stargazed 'Underwater Galaxies' featuring music by some faves... Rat & Co, Primitive Calculators, Fierce Mild... to name a few. Be taken on a psychedelic, shoegazey, electronic underwater wonderland adventure all part of MMW. SIDE NOTE - Palm Springs is also playing Old Bar with You Beauty and No Local. I LOVE PALM SPRINGS and their country tinged rhythm and blues. So excellent! Like seriously... Erica Dunn is wonderful.


SATURDAY - High Tension will be ripping apart Cherry Bar... no joke this punk rock band is incredible. They will be joined by Infinite Void... sounds like things could get weird.

ALSO - Slowly Slowly are playing Yah Yahs. I haven't seen them before but their pop punk rock seems sweet coming out of my speakers so worth checking out in my book.


SUNDAY - Just cos it's the day of rest doesn't mean you shouldn't go to a gig... am I right? Bree Tranter has a beautiful sounding show at The Toff. You might remember her from such bands as The Middle East (heart breaking) or singing along with good ol' Matty Corby as part of his touring team. Well her solo stuff sounds just as mesmerising! Better see her quick.


MONDAY - Keggin is playing Worker Club... they have a song about goon. Need I say more? Pretend the weekend still exists with these guys!


TUESDAY - And you thought there was nothing on! Gotcha! Stopgap are coming out from Singapore and bringing their indie rock tunes with them. You can check them out at Retreat on Tuesday but they will also be playing Queenscliffe Music Festival as well as a few shows around town.


Ok I think I'm done... till next week!