Hot Gigs and Hot Tips - 07 December

Obviously everybody should be going to Meredith but in the extreme circumstance you won't be attending this fine fine festival I have got your gigs sorted for the weekend!

THURSDAY - Dungen (Sweden) with ORB + Krakatau are playing the Corner for their Meredith sideshow. Lose yourself to these fine psychedelic wonders. Must see!!

FRIDAY - Transgenderith: Two Steps on the Water + Spike Fuck + Geryon + Kandere + Xeno Genesis (NYC) + The Football Club at the Curtin with be bringing a diverse array of sounds to one of my favourite pubs in Melbourne Town. TSOTW and Spike Fuck are excellent! Love seeing these beautiful humans perform. Prepare to feel the feels with everything from electronic tales to emotion punk. 2AM - Yah Yahs is about to not know what hit it when LOSSLESS destroy the stage (they sold out their show last week at Boney... head up). New project from Oscar Key Sung and HTML Flowers will keep the party going. Like it will actually keep it going and going! (Anyone who attended Paradise knows this as fact).

MEREDITH! SATURDAY - Neighbourhood Pizza Party at Old Bar looks like it will be fun. There will be pizza. There will be lots of local bands. There will be the Old Bar... what's not to love about this scenario. I haven't seen a lot of these bands so it will be an educational experience and that's why I like it. Check it out: Foxtrot, Laura Palmer, Cosmic Kahuna, Shadow League, Jo Neugebauer, Tim Hampshire, Sweet Time, Josh Mann, Eli Cash, Lewis Nixon... Discovery time!

MEREDITH DAY 2!!! (just in case you need further reminders) SUNDAY - Sheer Mag (USA) with Tyrannamen + Miss Destiny will be a rocking good time at the Tote with these punks... How do you get over Meredith ending? You go see a gig of course! Duh!

MONDAY - Fred & Toody (of Dead Moon Fame) with Adalita (local legend) + Samyntha (June from Two Steps on the Water new solo project) will be bringing the sound to the Tote. This is the second Fred & Toody show as the first one sold out! Rock and roll at its stripped back finest. Life.

TUESDAY - Let's be real here... Peaches will obliterate 170 Russell. Where else would you want to be on a Tuesday? Electronic musician/performance artist/force of nature... will be amazing!