Electro synth producers RKDA, share their top gigs you should see this month.

We all come from different musical backgrounds. What brought us together to create RKDA was our mutual love for dark music. There’s something about music with intricate effects and deep, layered sounds that makes it really interesting to listen to and watch live. Trying to work out how someone has created ‘that sound’ is always fun. You could say this theme is culminated in a list of our favourite shows for July. 

You’ll find us hanging out at the shows below next month:

The first is Louie Nuxx – a hip-hop artist from NZ and now based in Melbourne. Louie has a pretty interesting background, but we won’t go into that! You can catch him playing with Fortunes who are also another great NZ import. 

July 3, Louie Knuxx @ The Evelyn Hotel


Next on the list are Alta. Amazing guys. They’re not afraid to think outside the box. They’re pretty brave with their music and take risks, which is refreshing to hear and see. They’re also killer on stage and have just released two new singles!

July 4 Alta EP launch @ Boney


One of the best live acts out (for me personally) is Seekae. They’re really atmospheric and very intense! Personally none of us have really listened to their recorded stuff but live, they’re definitely an act you have to see.

July 9 Seekae @ Howler


Don’t get us started on Shlohmo… His music is incredible to listen to. Usually a solo artist, he’s now touring with a live band which is going to be NEXT LEVEL. So many electronic acts only play with laptops and a synth here or there. Shlohmo is an act that generally follows that format, not necessarily by choice but because a lot of places don’t want to pay for a full live act if they can get a downscaled version. It’ll be great to see and hear the difference between his small setup compared to his full band.

July 30, Shlohmo @ The Corner Hotel


Our bonus gig for the month isn’t until late August, so you’ll be waiting a while – but it’ll be worth it. Featuring on the bill is 100% – a Brissy group riding the dark-synth-pop revival wave. They also have a great aesthetic across everything they do visually. It’s exciting to see this style of music coming out of Brisbane. We’re also beyond keen for Yaws who is coming to support them. He’s based out of London, originally from Australia and makes these seven minute+ epic industrial tunes that really draw you in.

August 29, 100% @ The Catfish


You can catch RKDA live supporting Anna O at The Workers Club, on Friday 26 of June.