Crystal Cities sparkle into Melbourne with their new single

Sydney dream pop band lift you to the sky on super sweet melodies and then let you drift endlessly on fluffy clouds. They may be smooth but they certainly can rock too. With touches of Phoenix and mid naughties synth rock bands like the killers, these guys sound like they could easily get a full a room dancing.


They’ve just released their new swoony single Good Life and are coming to Melbourne this FRIDAY to play at  Longplay in Fitzroy then Whole Lotta Love on Sunday. We had a chat to them about touring and how they created their new song.


Have you toured much around Australia?


No we haven't toured much in Australia in the past, we have done a number of tours to the States, we are really digging the ease of getting around the east coast of Australia on this tour schedule, I think it’s important to get to other states and cities to be able to take advantage of promotional opportunities more so than playing live shows, meeting industry people in different cities and doing interviews is a good way to get your name around, then obviously you hope that translates to people listening to your music at the end of the day too.


Have you been to Melbourne before? What are some of your fav places to go to in Melbourne? What places have you heard about that you’d like to go to/visit?


This will be our first time to Melbourne as a band playing shows, we are keen to hit up some live music in between our shows, chill at some hidden coffee joints and hit up a cocktail or two in some sneaky laneway bars! We have heard good things about Melbourne’s music scene so that’s the main thing we are all looking forward to exploring. We are staying in Brunswick not sure how this rates but it will be a party suburb when we hit town for sure. Ha!.


Tell us about the bands you’re playing with at Whole Lotta Love? How did you pick them? What do you like about them?


Nelipot are a cool band from the central coast of NSW this will be our first show with them, we got introduced to them via the A&R department in Sydney, so who knows maybe it will be love at first site or an awkward first date, let’s wait and see!


Tell us about the new single?


Good Life was written like most of the other tracks I write, at home with an acoustic guitar and messing around with different chord structures and vocal melodies, it’s a kind of a work in progress until something sticks, with this track we got that dreamy the vocal idea from me having to sing really mellow on the demo as to not piss of the neighbours! I am writing a lot at the moment and every track has elements of my song writing but there is always other layers to explore, I think as an artist you are always evolving and always looking to perfect your art. Every time we played Good life we got a good response from the audience so we knew it would be a good track to get into the recording studio and explore where we could go with it in the studio.

How does playing live differ for you to recording?


We really use the live version as the bare bones of the song when we go into the studio, kinda like a template, we don't get to precious about the songs arrangement, it’s where we really like to explore different production ideas and the see where the track ends up! 


Why did you chose to release this song? What’s special about it for you that you wanted people to hear it?


I think the track has a great summer energy and a really cool guitar hook and vocal hook, the lyrics paint an interesting imagery and I think that the track captures our sound and where it is heading.


What are some of your favourite live bands that you play with and why?

We just played a residency in Sydney at the new lead belly venue and got to play with a bunch of different bands every weekend, catching bands like Planet, Capital Coast, and Grizzlee Train, it’s always good to catch other bands live and see what they are doing you always learn something!


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