Acoustic troubadore, Paul Reid tells us about his latest EP

Paul Reid has just released an EP of uplifting acoustic folk tunes. Definitely sitting in the Australiana side of the alt country fence his music conjures up imagry of warm summers and cups of tea. His guitar style sets him apart however, weaving finger picking and jazzy moments seamlessly in his smooth balladry.

We had a chat with him ahead of his Nowhere Town EP launch to find out more about the artist and what excites him about playing live and what it's like drifting between solo and bands mode.



As a solo artists how do you find recording songs that have been created with just you and a guitar to be then fleshed out with a whole band on your EP?

It's great hearing your songs come to life after they have been with you for so long. It's a time where you get pushed out of your comfort zone and to be open to ideas from other around you.

How was working with producer Chris Frangou? How did you find him and then finally chose to work with him?

Working with Chris is great! He pushes me to try different things in the studio. He started playing bass for me a few years ago and it just snowballed from there with new songs and eventually the recording of 'Nowhere Towns'

When you perform live is it with a whole band or just solo? How do you find the two experiences?

I'm lucky enough to regularly change things up and play live in both solo and full band arrangement. I certainly like a full band as the audience get to hear the songs as they were intended on the recordings, it also make for a more groove driven show. However, there is something really intimate and special between you and an audience when you play as a solo act or even as a duo. You find more time to tell stories about your songs and with an added violin or guitar, it can be quiet emotionally driven. 

Your finger picking style has been singled out a few times as a feature of your music. Do you have a particular influence for your style?

I think I follow certain rhythmic patterns in my playing that are similar to the likes of Jason Isbell and John Mayer. But i'm also heavily influenced by The Tallest Man on Earth who for me is someone I look up to in the finger picking game.  

Who are some local bands that you are getting excited about? Are there any bands large or small that you would love to play shows with?

There are some great acts playing and releasing new music at the moment that i'd love to share a stage with. The Weeping Willows, The Skeleton Club (ADL) Matt Joe Gow and on a bigger scale, Shane Nicholson.


Paul Reid releases his EP Nowhere Town at The Workers Club, Sunaday the 19th Feb.