50 photographs of MC50

Well if I am going to share a photo gallery of MC50, I might as well make it FIFTY rockin' photographs of Wayne Kramer, Billy Gould of Faith No More, Marcus Durant of Zen Guerrilla, Kim Thayil of Soundgarden and Brendan Canty of Fugazi.

It’s never too late to “kick out the jams, motherfuckers”. 2018 was a hallmark year for Detroit’s MC5. To celebrate, MC5 founder, Wayne Kramer assembled this supergroup, appropriately rebranded as MC50.

I am breaking tradition. Even though MC50 was the first support act for Alice Cooper at Rod Laver Arena, this iconic and influential band deserves their own separate photo gallery. It was a pity we didn't a sideshow with a more extended set because they exploded onto stage with such a rawkus and they totally rocked!

We didn't get the sonic explosion of 'American Ruse' on this night but looking at the final set list photograph, you can see that they hit the right note with 'Rambling Rose' and 'Motor City Burning' and their signature opus, 'Kick Out The Jams'. I saw DTK/MC5 last time there were here in 2004 but with this supergroup, it was a 100 times better because it was a tight unit without a revolving door of guest singers.

Photography by CarbieWarbie \U0001f413