2022 Reclink Community Cup Footy Cards

After a two year absence due to the pandemic, the Reclink Community Cup is back this Sunday at Victoria Park. Last time, our popular Footy Cards SOLD OUT at the Merch Desk. So be there quick to collect the complete set of 50 printed cards. This photo gallery is the complete digital set of 76 footy cards. The back of the printed footy cards are pretty damn cool because there is a space to get the signature of your favourite Rockdog or Megahertz footy player.

NB: No powdered shards of glass tasting bubble gum in the footy cards package.

These footy cards are cheaper than a head of lettuce. Thousands of dollars goes to our charity, Reclink Australia.



12:00pm   Parsnip
1:10pm      Izy
1:45pm     Players run out onto the field
2:15pm     Community Cup Football match starts
3:05pm    Ausecuma Beats (Half time set)
3:50pm    Community Cup Football match second half
4:40pm    Cup Presentation
4:50pm    Cash Savage and The Last Drinks
5:50pm    Private Function

I'll see all of your happy smiling faces at the 2022 Community Cup this Sunday 19th of June, at Victoria Park.

Printing by That Print Shop
Design by Johnny Rock
Photography by CarbieWarbie