Resonance Project with Deya Diva & Guests

Saturday 13 Oct, 2018

Deya Dova and guests come together for a magic night of conscious dance and connection.

International touring artist Deya Dova invokes a temple mysticism and brings euphoric tribalism to the dance floor,  blending live electronics, organic percussion and vocal looping, weaving a conscious elevated dance floor experience.

We are honoured to have special guest Uncle Gnarnayarrahe (Joey) who will welcome us to Country.
Rivka Worth (Resonance Project) will guide us into a deep , embodied 5Rhythms® dance, inviting us to unite in the alchemy of Gabrielle Roth’s Wave
Special Guest Nik Didge will raise the room with his mix of psy-world beats
& Deya Dova singing to the Ancient, the Primal and the Mystic within.

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