Nichaud Fitzgibbon

Wednesday 13 Nov, 2019

One of Australia's most popular jazz stylists, Nichaud Fitzgibbon is a singer with a rich, sultry voice and an unforced, yet commanding delivery. Nichaud grew up in a celebrated musical family, and always had that charisma that draws audiences into the stories contained in the lyrics of her songs.

Nichaud will lead a stellar band, with her illustrious brother, Mark Fitzgibbon (piano), Hugh Harvey (drums) and James Sherlock (guitar).

"Nichaud Fitzgibbon has been gracing us with her distinctive smouldering ways for years, she entrances audiences with her beautiful smoky vocal quality and her natural sense of swing. She can rustle a boisterous Latin feel at whim and then melt you with her restraint." - Xenia Hanusiak, The Age