Michael Jackson: Unplugged - Presented by Yvette Johansson

Friday 03 Apr, 2020

Great music is meant to be enjoyed. Let yourself be uplifted, by the magic of the music, that made up the career of Michael Jackson.

Come and hear, one of Melbourne's most outstanding voices, interpret the work of one of the greatest pop voices of the 20th century.

In a pared-down, acoustic setting, Yvette will deliver, some of the most treasured pop classics, of the 70s, 80s and 90s. Come and share this intimate experience, with her and a hand-picked group, of Melbourne's most seasoned musicians.

Jackson's music, was a very early inspiration to Yvette, in her pursuit of singing and dancing glory. At the age of eight, on any Saturday afternoon, you would probably find her, locked away, with her Dad's B&O record player, lost to everything but dancing to either, 'Donna Summer's Greatest Hits Volumes I & II' or 'Thriller'. (Sunday afternoons were reserved for The Johnny Young Talent School!)

Such a history, with the music, ensures that you are going to hear Yvette, absolutely, in her element. Prepare to be dazzled! You will hear these songs like you've never heard them and probably never will; anywhere else.

This is the music that thrilled the world.