GR!M Residency: Maggie Alley + Fiz Eustance + Nervous Pedestrians

Wednesday 17 Apr, 2019

BASEMENT RESIDENCY // Girls Rock Melbourne! takes over the Espy Basement during April, showcasing upcoming incredible artists each week! // FREE ENTRY



Maggie Alley
Melbourne based, punk Irish-blues whirlwind. Beauty, power and distortion. She can be seen at the tote, NSC, the corner and the skylark room with Matt Walker. Beauty, power, and distortion are only a few words that can begin to describe the sound of Maggie Alley.

Fiz Eustance
Hailing from the west coast, Fiz Eustance is here to sooth your body and brain with spicy indie folk twinkles. Known for her big voice and bass grooves with Treehouses, Fiz's newborn solo project will make you want to cuddle your dog, call your dad, and install an outdoor shower out the back of your rental property.

Nervous Pedestrians
Nervous Pedestrians are Ballarat's dorkiest four piece band. Playing an eclectic mix of original pieces with emphasis on melodic guitars and vocals. Their music has been described as 'alt-rock with nods to the best of post-punk'.