Nathan Wong gives us his gig picks of the month!

2019 has been coming in HOT for music lately with a bunch of flaming new releases, immense festival lineups and a whole lot of sideshows. But what if I told you that this February month of shows in Melbourne is also the month that’ll make the early discovery scene from the movie a “Star is Born” a reality, while also featuring some of Australia’s local upcoming talent!


These are my top six gig recommendations for this February month that’ll have you witnessing stars being born!

Nathan Wong


Tia Gostelow ‘Thick Skin’ Album Tour w/Mane

(8th Feb @Howler, Melbourne)

To kick of the first week of February, I’m really excited to see Tia Gostelow celebrate her new album release “Thick Skin” with Adelaide star; MANE at the Howler on the 8th February. Stars are truly being born with these wonderful singer-songwriters with their timeless, atmospheric alt pop tunes and youthful spirits! With heart melting voices from these two powerhouses, the concept of being serenaded by music has escalated to a new level!

This special night is going to be majestic yet romantic. You can definitely count on me to sway my arms side to side as I’m melting away to my favorite songs from these two artists!

Joyride tour w/Heaps Good Friends + Approachable Members of Your Local Community

(14th Feb, @Corner Hotel)

This show is going to be a “Wholesome Valentine’s Day spent with friends.” With Joyride cuddling up the Corner hotel on the 14th of February with Heaps Good Friends and Approachable Members of Your Local Community,  you’re guaranteed to make some new friends and learn awesome new dance moves along the way with some cheeky karaoke.

I’m really excited for this show in particular because of the headlining act Joyride. Besides the fact that the show’s on Valentine’s day, Joyride was actually the first artist I ever saw at the Corner Hotel when I first moved to Melbourne, supporting Urthboy. So to come full circle and see this wonderful artist headline this venue with some of the most heartwarming support lineup is the best Valentine’s Day gift ever! 

Asha Jefferies ‘Hold Yourself Together’ Tour w/Feelds + Chitra

(15th February @Retreat Hotel)

So, I stumbled upon Asha’s music on Unearthed recently and fell in love with her latest single “If You Were My Hero.” I honestly couldn’t help myself but wanting to hear her dynamically delicate voice live in person. So when I heard she was playing a show at the Retreat Hotel on the 14th of February, celebrating her new Ep release with some of my favorite Melbourne singer-songwriters; Feelds and Chitra. I saved the date immediately!!

With this trio of voices, this show is going to be beyond heartfelt and have you planning your next sentimental road trip playlist!

Sunday Series: Murmurmur w/Fan Girl+Jungle Cuffs

(17th February @Grace Darling Hotel)

Last year in 2018, one of my favorite Ep’s was released by the amazing boys from “Murmurmur.” Ever since that release, I’ve been waiting to just fall into the wormhole of their music in a live setting, especially with songs like “Cable Car” that make me feel like Alice in my Dreamy Psychedelic Wonderland. Their ability to create such large pretty psychedelic instrumentation with catchy melodies is something I don’t want to miss the action for!


Thanks to the Sunday Series hosted by the Grace Darling Hotel, I’m notified in advance that I can expect to lose feeling of my tongue and the only words I can say is “Wow Wow Wow...Murmurmur.”

Cry Club ‘DTFM’ Single Launch

(22nd February, @Gasometer Hotel, Upstairs)

When people ask “name a iconic musical duo”, I immediately think of “Cry Club.” Name a more iconic duo right now who’s stage presence is larger than life, while inspires empowerment and strength in their music?! Bringing a whole lot heartfelt attitude to the Gasometer Upstairs, this iconic duo will be strutting their inner diva, emoting their lyrics and vocals to celebrate their new anthem of a single to be released on Valentine’s day;  “Don’t Fucking Touch Me.”

Not only am I excited because their lively energetic music persuades the best dance moves out of me, but after hearing this next single during their live sets the few times I’ve seen them. I can’t wait for this night to be the start of when fans will be chanting to the lyrics of this new single!

Kwame ‘CLOUDS.’ Tour

(23rd, 24th February @Northcote Social Club)

Finally, when it comes to Hip Hop/ Rap shows in Melbourne. I can’t say that I’ve been to a whole bunch in my lifetime. However to see Kwame perform live has been on the list ever since my friends went to see him live at his BIGSOUND debut. So now every time I think of the word “MOTIVATION” and “HYPE” I can’t help but hear Kwame’s latest single “CLOUDS.” while spontaneously bopping my head like a bobble head that’s been rattled. 

His ability to make music with so much passion and hard hitting energy is so inspiring. Making his big mark with two nights at the Northcote Social Club. It’s going to be a night of E-N-E-R-G-Y and be absolutely legendary!!

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