Gigs I Wouldn't Miss with Desiree Venuto!

Desiree Venuto is a huge fan of new and unknown musical talent. In between studying music business  at Collarts she books The Grace Darling on Wednesdays and the Unwinded night at the new Espy Basement on Thursdays. If there’s hidden talent in Melbourne she’s booking them!


She give us her top gigs she wouldnt miss this month including one this Friday at the Espy!


Rolling Blackouts - Feb 8th @  The Espy
RBCF takes out #1 for the most unmissable gig for me. I caught them for the first time at Laneway in 2018 and haven't missed a gig since. Im way overdue for a lil boogie to this band. Also ‘Hopes Down’ being my best loved album of 2018

Spiral Perm / Baby Blue -11th April @ The Espy Basement 

Very excited to see both these acts live for the first time. Cant wait to hear “ i like you” by Baby Blue in the flesh, big favourite of mine.


Gamjee + Pals - All Saturdays in Feb @ The Tote
Gamjee are such a fun and jivey band. Im loving the supports for this series too with Eggy, Vacant Smiles, Dianna Radar and more. Big all rounder of good honest people making incredible music.

Vintage Crop Feb 9th @ The Grace Darling

Up the Cropppp, this band is from Geelong my local town where i grew up so it's unreal to see them progress with their music and now even taking on europe now! The Ep ‘Company Man’ sounds sweet and iv been hearing it all over radio lately.


Gabriella Cohen Last band show Feb 16th @ Curtin

Met this lovely lady in Brisbane at a bar, her voice is as beautiful as her personality. Keen to see her play again, such an angel. Go check her out if you havent you wont be disappointed. This is the last show with her current band lineup so ill definitely be their before they part their ways x


Easy Browns, Electric Toothbrush, Tram Cops Feb 24 @ Grace Darling
Nothing better than a  FREE sunday arvo gig with some of Melbs finest. Looking forward to this one.


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