Hot Gigs and Hot Tips - 10 November
Mt Mountain, White Bleaches, Totally Mild, Pretty City, Deftones, Immigrant Union, Melbourne Music Week, The Drones, Zola Jesus and much much more!
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Crystal Cities sparkle into Melbourne with their new single
Sydney dream pop band lift you to the sky on super sweet melodies and then let you drift endlessly on fluffy clouds.
Psycho fuzz and 5 parties at once. All in a days work for The Ruminaters!
The Ruminaters are on tour for their I Used To Hate The Ruminaters But Now I Like Them EP. Full of happy psychy jams. They hit The Gasometer Upstairs Friday the we spoke with them to find out th of November in Melbourne and we hit them up to find out what
Sampa The Great and Remi at The Corner Awards
THE CORNER AWARD 2016 (Sampa The Great & Remi.) @ Corner Hotel, Richmond (4th Nov 2016) Yes that is Remi. with a full stop after his official name. The kids of today....pppfffftttt! :P
The Burnt Sausages sizzle and burn at Bar Open
It's a CARBIE WARBIE BARBIEFEST! PWHOAR!!! Here's some saucy photos of The Burnt Sausages....Australian's only premium Punk BBQ Rock Band!
Hot Gigs and Hot Tips - 2 November
Swampland launch, Laurels, Dandy Warhols, Sex on Toast, Bitch Diesel, and the Basics
Kasey Chambers
Kasey Chambers
Hot Gigs and Hot Tips - 26 Ocotber
Plenty of rock this Halloween weekend coming from Richie Ramone, The Casanovas, Batz and Horace Bones.