Hot Gigs and Hot Tips - 14 December
Silly season has well and truly begun. X-Mas parties and gigs are starting to happen and everyone is trying to throw one more gig in before the end. Here’s the tips for this coming week.
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The timeless magic of The Monkees
The Monkees @ Palais Theatre, St Kilda (7th Dec 2016)
Hot Gigs and Hot Tips - 07 December
Obviously everybody should be going to Meredith but in the extreme circumstance you won't be attending this fine fine festival I have got your gigs sorted for the weekend!
Japandroids hit The Tote with vengance. Our ears are still ringing.
Japandroids gig, The Tote 06/12. Awesome photography by Carbie Warbie.
Hot Gigs and Hot Tips - 30 November
Hot gigs for the week starting 30th Nov. Featuring Mansionair, Blue Moon #7, Lossless, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, White Fence, Bedroom Suck Records, Bad//Dreems, Foreign National, Monday Night Mass, Japandroids
King Brothers (JAP) tear the Tote apart
King Brothers' insane energy captured by Carbie Warbie!
Society of Beggars tell us about thier tour for An Angel Called Night
Society of Beggars tell us about their Roland S Howard and Bad Seeds influences as they tell us about their latest single tour, An Angel Called Night.
Hot Gigs and Hot Tips - 23 November
Festival season well and truly begins this week! Get ready for summer! We got Cherry Fest, Paradise and Gizzfest all in one weekend! Plus a heap of other shows!
Hot Gigs and Hot Tips - 17 November
Melbourne Music Week is still on!!! Musical gems for all!!! We’ve got the rock of Animal Hands, Live music Safari, Dope Lemon, Stargazed, Palm Springs, High Tension, Bree Tranter, and Keggin!