Angus & Julia Stone

Saturday 19 May, 2018

Crisp and fresh as the Snow that frames their latest record, Angus & Julia Stone have quickly announced a 2018 Australian tour in the wake of their 2017 dates selling out in record time. As new singles ‘Chateau’ and ‘Snow’ seep slowly and beautifully into our national consciousness and the softly spoken siblings fourth studio effort shoots up the charts like a snowboarder down a black run, the duo will perform at metro venues in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in April before embarking on a larger regional tour of Australia later in 2018.

Having grown up coated in the sun soaked sand of Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Angus & Julia Stone are no strangers to the delights of an Australian summer. Their tunes have always carried that unmistakable sepia glare to them; sending Angus’ smooth alto and Julia’s more wistful soprano into the top 10 of the ARIA charts for all four of their records to date. ‘Big Jet Plane’, ‘Heart Beats Slow’, ‘And The Boys’ and many more have made the jump from festival favourites to bona fide classics.

In contrast to this Vitamin C dependency, Snow has actually been a crucial element in the Stone story. As a young grommet, Angus developed an affinity for snowboarding, which led to some misplaced bravado on the slopes, which in turn led to plenty of downtime on the couch at home. Turning a negative into a positive, the younger Stone spent his breaks dreaming up the lyrics and melodies that would guide him in the future.

Cut to 2016 and a nice piece of synchronicity saw Angus once again couch-bound after one too many turns on the mighty Swiss mountain of Matterhorn, where he and Julia had reconvened for a festival after some much needed downtime. The dreaming this time led to Snow, an apt title for an album that will see Angus & Julia Stone treat their legion of adoring fans to more of their unmistakable magic.

Watch their latest music video for ‘Chateau’, starring Australian actors Courtney Eaton, who starred most recently in Mad Max Fury Road, and Dacre Montgomery, who featured in Power Rangers and is the new lead in Stranger Things season 2.  Set against the stunning backdrop of Mexico, it’s all about exploring those exquisite road trip vibes.

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